Amazon Kindle Fire

    I bought Amazon Kindle Fire for my wife as a gift but it looks like I am going to keep it for myself (: I really loved it. it is so simple and useful. I am not going to compare it with Apple iPad like everybody else. They are totally different products.

    Amazon Kindle Fire is only $199. It comes with free a month Amazon Prime membership. It is totally worth for it especially with Amazon Prime membership which you have a lot of free books, movies and applications. You also have 2-day free shipping option. Believe me it is best deal on the internet.

    As I said it is really simple and easy to use. Basically you can read books, magazines etc. (with best price)., watch movies(most of them free), listening music, playing games (and it runs all kind of Android applications and it has best android store even better than android itself) and surf on the internet(Silk works really good). It doesn’t have a camera but it looks so weird to take a photo with iPad either.

    Before I bought Amazon Kindle Fire, I had read some reviews about heating problem (well, it is not so bad), ridiculously located shut down button (well, I’ve never pushed it by mistake yet). Except those, I don’t see any problem and as you know Amazon is great at customer service and it is their first tablet so I believe that it is going to be much better in time.

    I highly recommend it to everybody. It is great gift but I said it is so difficult to give away once you hold it in you hand (:

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