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    The Art of SEO

    When I first got this book in my hand, I said to myself “what a thick book” and I felt like I am at collage again. It is most comprehensive SEO book I’ve ever read and it may be the best book to study Search Engine Optimization too.

    The reason I wanted to read this book is its writers: Eric Enge, Stephan Spencer, Jessie Stricchiola, Rand Fishkin. They are all great and expert at SEO and having 4 writers makes me prefer this kind of books because it has a lot of different points of view on certain areas and this makes you believe that “ok if 4 experts agree on same information, it should be right, at least it should work”.

    Book starts with basics: how search engines work and why they are so important in today’s internet world. With that you learn what real search engine optimization is and why it is so important in marketing world. Then, it goes into details of search engine optimization and steps to be successful at this area. At this point you get a lot of details on keyword research, on-page optimization, link marketing (not link building), social networking (it is missing and focusing specific areas of search like local search, image search and etc. Once you get SEO skills and how to do it, then it goes to how to analysis what you achieved.

    This is the regular process in search engine optimization and once you come to this point of book, probably you’ll feel like you are ready to rock SEO world. Best part of book comes after that. It doesn’t only teach you the art of SEO but it also teach you how to improve yourself more and ways of studying SEO.

    It is almost 700 pages but it recommends a lot of online articles so it may take more time than you expect to read this book. I wish these guys used shortened URLs inside book. This way we don’t spend too much time to type in and also they may get great statistic of convention regarding reading and visiting these URLs behaviors. This might even give them idea of which parts readers are more interested in for 3rd edition.

    SEO Made Simple

    I found this book at Barnes & Noble by chance and decided to read it. If you are at beginner level of SEO or have no idea about SEO, it is a great book but if you are familiar with SEO, it doesn’t give you much.

    I liked the way it explains everything step by step and it is really easy to understand. If you have website and want to learn about SEO a little bit, you should read this book.

    It is great for beginning. It shows you on-page optimization and off-page optimization. Also it provides some good resources and tools you can use.

    I don’t agree with some stuff especially about article spinning but Michael H. Fleischner is the one who is Pro of SEO, not me but it is worth to read it.

    What is Search Engine Optimization?

    You see this question almost everywhere and see bunch of different answers. Well, I’ll try to make it as simple as possible. Here is what search engine optimization is for my opinion:

    Everybody prefers simple stuff. That’s why when we need to learn about something, we go to Google or Bing or any other search engine because they tell us best answers (at least try to tell us best answers) so we don’t need to do bunch of research for whatever it is. Then, it is easy for us to choose any link at the first page because who the hell going to go through all those pages (maybe million results and thousands pages…).

    So if you are not at the first page of that search result, it means you won’t get anything 99.99% (I know it is a little better than that but any way). That’s what search engine optimization is. Race to be at the first page so you can get some visitors to your website.

    So what should you do for it? Google says they look for hundreds factors to rank websites and no one know what they are. Plus they make hundreds of changes to their search algorithm every year. Therefore search engine optimization specialists are similar to lawyers. They need to read every updates, study all possibilities, do a lot of researches and so on and yes they do charge a lot like lawyers.

    So you can do it by yourself or you can hire someone to do it for you or (the best one) be yourself and create something that first you love it (if you love it, others will follow you). Probably at the end, you won’t need any of search engines.

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