Steve Krung

    Don’t Make Me Think

    If you want to have a website or if you are just starting your online business, this is the first book you should read. Don’t Make me Think by Steve Krung is a classic and it’s been years old and still selling.

    As you can understand from its name, it shows you the way to build a website. Main point is not to make your visitors think for what do to on your website, just guide them the way you want. They shouldn’t ask themselves questions like “how can I do this?”, “where do I find this” etc.

    It shows you how visitors think, common design tips and what makes visitors more comfortable on your website. Great design ideas, best usability tips and more. You find everything you want to know about how a website should be.

    Believe me you won’t regret reading this book and it is worth every penny for it. I read it first when I was at university and I read it again once I saw its 2nd edition online.

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